Trinity Houseboats

Exploring the water since 2003

Shelter Marine is a boutique boat building company specialising in uniquely designed and custom crafted vessels. Our passion for boats and the water is reflected in our designs and workmanship.

Houseboats are a fairly new concept in South Africa, our goal is to make this multi-purpose retreat with ever changing scenic views an alternative to river/lake property ownership.  With a number of personally designed houseboats, we can ensure the perfect houseboat for your specific requirements.

Our Houseboats are SAMSA approved.  The initial registration and licencing will be included in the purchase price.  There are annual inspections required in order to maintain your compliance, particularly if your houseboat is to be used commercially. This would include necessary safety equipment, regular SAMSA COF (certificate of fitness) and Hull inspections. Waterways in different provinces may have different by-laws.  It is the owners responsibility to research and abide by accordingly

Key Features


Sleek modern design
A main houseboat feature is large living areas and deck space.  Generally houseboats tend to have no shape.  We believe we have successfully created sleek modern lines making her one of the best looking houseboats in South Africa

We offer a tailor made approach to clients when selecting the finer details of their houseboat.

Supremely crafted
Our pedantic style of building is usually taken to the point of being obsessive.  You can be assured the final product is as close to perfection as you can get.

Size options
A number of floor plans are available, from 1 cabin – 4 cabin houseboats

4 Cabin Specifications

– Length 18m x Beam 6m
– Draft +/- 800mm
– Hull: 3 x Fiberglass pontoons
– Pontoons 1.2m (H) x 1.2m (W)
– Hull inner: Coated with pool coat
– Hull inspection hatches: Every 1.2m compartments
– Hull reinforcement: Bump rail
– Support: Airtight bulkhead every 1.2m
– Top & bottom decks: Fiberglass
– Side interior walls: Dry walling
– Windows: Aluminium frame, tinted armour plate glass
– Doors: Tinted, laminated sliding doors
– Front windows: Curved poly-carbonate

– Custom floor plan
– Custom kitchen
– Ceilings
– Tables tops
– Carpets
– 5 x Bathroom plumping accessories
– 4 x double cabin, no furnishings

– Generator compartment
– 2000lt fresh water tank
– 2500lt grey water tank
– Fiberglass pool bar with basin
– Mild steel railings
– 2 seater sun bed & drivers consol
– 6 x bow eyes
– 2 x bumpers and tie ropes

– Shore power: 40Amp cord
– 2 x 150lt electric geysers
– 2 x 4 bar pressure pumps
– Interior & exterior lighting
– Navigation lights
– Bilge pumps
– Electric gas stove & oven

– 2 x 100Hp Suzuki 4 stroke engines
– 13 Pitch propellers
– Duel mechanical steering (upgrade to hydraulic)
– 2 x 100lt petrol tanks

Floor plan ideas

4 Cabin Houseboat
2 & a half Cabin Houseboat
2 Cabin Houseboat

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