Welcome to Shelter Marine

Shelter Marine is limited production boat builders with the ability to take on unique Custom built houseboats & Schionning designed catamarans. Ensuring unparalleled quality, attention to detail and customer service.

Our Gauteng based operations focuses on Houseboat & Ferry manufacturing. Although most of the boats we have built are currently in use along the Vaal Barrage Reservoir in Vanderbijlpark, our boats are not limited to the Vaal River. Transportation and site establishment on other in land waterways is possible. Houseboats are a fairly new concept in South Africa, our goal is to make this multi-purpose retreat with ever changing scenic views an alternative reality to river/lake property ownership.

Our new Western Cape premises has started production on a Schionning designed sailing multi-hull Schionning Designs is an Australian based company providing design, kit and materials to build your own high-tech multihull. The Kit system utilises DuFlex panels with a balsa core. A pre-cut kit streamlines quantities and minimises wastage on materials. There are a range of Schionning designs, sailing and power multihulls.

As our Pontoon boats are primarily used for commercial use, a strong emphasis is placed on safety. All SAMSA requirements for in land waters are built into systems. We have a list of SAMSA requirements simplifying the process of getting your boat licenced.

The idea, styling and design stems from the big houseboat harbours in the states, where houseboat living is a huge market. We would like to bring this idea to SA, specifically the Vaal River. Fiberglass hulls, light-weight aluminium frame structure finished off with Vermont planking.

The new Arrow Series that have been causing a stir around the world. The modern angular ‘stealth’ styling, 100% flat panel construction and the convenience of a fully pre-cut kit all combine to create a very attractive package for anyone looking to get on the water in comfort and style.

Spend your family getaways on your own houseboat. Share options are a great opportunity for monthly retreats (with allocated schedules per partner) saving you money on hotel accommodation. It also allows for all expenses and maintenance to be evenly shared.

Our Sloep boat design originated in 2016, when we refurbished an old life boat four our private use on the Knysna Lagoon. Being active boaters we found this style boat no only aesthetical pleasing but extremely practical.